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Moriviví teaching artists share their knowledge of theatre through various workshops and classes in the art of storytelling, improvisation techniques, devising techniques, and writing for the stage.

Acting & Drama Classes
Reconexiones: A 3-Part Creative Workshop,
June 24-26, 2022

Morivivi Theatre is hosting a 3-day in-person creative workshop for Black, Indigenous and Artists of Color aimed at exploring the theme of “Reconexiones/Reconnections”. During the three days we will explore storytelling, improv, and devising with the goal of creating a short performance of our own design. Space is limited. This workshop is FREE. Donations are welcome at

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Singing & Dance
Inquire about our private workshops

Reach out to Moriviví for more information about workshop options in devised theatre, storytelling, improv or writing for the stage for your class or professional development. Our work benefits all participants in self-growth, communication skills, problem solving techniques and provides a creative toolkit for participants to use in everyday life as well as for the stage or any art practice.



Friday, June 24th, 6pm - 9pm 

Storytelling Workshop,  facilitated by Yasmin Ruvalcaba Saludado

Storytelling is rooted in the voices we carry with us and the relationships we build when we exchange our stories and words with one another. This workshop will explore storytelling through the question, what can we create when we step away from the individual and meld our stories to create a narrative for us?


Saturday, June 25th, 1pm - 4pm 

Improv Workshop,  facilitated by Geo Alva 

These Improv classes are centered around helping folks harness the skills of spontaneity, team work, and communication. The classes will be comprised of exercises that sharpen the skills of Listening, Accepting & Advancing, and Team Work. The skills one picks up here can be taken beyond the black box/ theater and into ones work life, personal life, and where ever life takes you. The goal is to help build confidence so you can tackle any situation that comes your way. 


Sunday, June 26th, 1pm - 4pm 

Devising Workshop, facilitated by Michael Cavazos

Devised theatre is a way of theatre-making in which the script/performance originates from collaborative, often improvisatory work by an ensemble. Using found and original material created throughout the 3-part workshop, participants will share experiences of connecting and reconnecting in the time of Covid and create a short performance.

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