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Moriviví Theatre and our family of artists continue to develop new work throughout the community and in collaboration with many companies. See what we have coming up next!

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Portland Revels

Un Pajarito Canta
or A Little Bird Told Me
by Yasmin Ruvalcaba Saludado


Directed by Michael Cavazos

Cast: Ricardo Vazquez, Noelle Simone,

Lynn Mendoza-Kahn, Jamie Villeda


Featuring the Portland Revels Community ChorusChorus Director: DeReau K. Farrar

Junio/June 3 – 7:30 pm
Junio/June 4 – 2:00 pm & 6:00 pm
Junio/June 5 – 2:00 pm

Brunish Theatre at Portland'5
1111 SW Broadway, PDX

The everyday routine in a makeshift town is interrupted by the arrival of a new community member, Ada, who does not seem to speak; prompting a journey to help her find her voice and share her story.

Se interrumpe la rutina de un pueblo nuevo con la llegada de una persona nueva a la comunidad, Ada, quien parece no poder hablar. Su presencia provoca una aventura para ayudarla a encontrar su voz y compartir su historia.



Coming August 2022


by Jonathan Walters, Erika Latta, Michael Cavazos,
Giovanni Alva, Lucille Dawson, Karin Holmstrom,
& Dion Doulis


Enter one of our temporary shelter units and listen to one of several unique stories.


HOME/LAND is an immersive journey along the paths of personal and collective memory.

A moment to imagine and reflect on what it would be like to lose one’s home.

An intimate and participatory experience.


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Coming Fall 2022


My Mother's Shoes
by Yasmin Ruvalcaba Saludado


Stay tuned for more info.


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